A Little About Santa & Mrs Claus







Black Hills Santa and Mrs Claus have over 20 years experience brightening the Christmas season for families, youth organizations, businesses, schools, community libraries, and U.S. Army units across the United States.  It is and has always been very important to the Clauses that each time they visit with someone, he or she feel they have spent a magical time with the one and only Santa and Mrs. Claus. Their professionalism and quality shine through in their custom outfits, demeanor, and their passion for the magic of Christmas.

About the guy behind the beard

At 3 years old, Black Hills Santa visited Santa at Santa Claus Land, IN, beginning a love for all things Christmas and Santa. In his regular job Santa, a U.S. Army Veteran, assists Disabled Veterans with employment. When he’s not at his workshop he spends time with his family and has served as a Girl Scout volunteer and a volunteer firefighter. Black Hills Santa has keen attention to detail and a vast knowledge of the Santa Claus legend, St. Nicholas, and Christmas traditions. He holds an Associates of Santa Claus from the Int'l University of Santa Claus and four graduate degrees from Liberty University, Regent University, and Anna Maria College. 





About the lady behind the guy with the beard

 Mrs. Claus is a Girl Scout leader and is always helping out others, like assisting at the Piedmont Library or setting up angel trees in Black Hills communities in December, all while raising three kids and managing the home. For those military families, Mrs. C knows the hard work spouses perform when a spouse is away, especially at Christmas. Mrs. Claus has an elementary education degree from the University of Southern Indiana. Santa and Mrs. C’s experience in working with children greatly benefits when they visit with families.








If you are a military family and will celebrate an early or late Christmas because of deployment

let us know. We'd love to celebrate an early or late Christmas with you free of charge!


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